In Lava Leap you play the 4th reincarnation of famed explorer R.H. Winkelmeyer.  Stubborn as ever, Winkelmeyer has just attempted to claim the treaure of the crybaby fire god Mac'Lel An, but the volcano he is exploring suddenly erupts, forcing him to make a quick getaway. 

In this endless platformer, you must jump your way across a subterranean ocean of lava. With each successful jump a new platform will materialize in the distance, aiding you in your escape . Be careful though...just one false move and old Winkelmeyer's going to need another reincarnation!


Playable on all major desktop browsers. 



Hold left mouse button to charge power bar at top of screen.

Release left mouse button  to jump. 


Art by Brian Callahan (@FuturistTeletex)

Music by Filippo Vicarelli (@theMidiTamer)

Code by Ben Savage (@Benwhi)


Copyright ©2017 Chewed Pixel Studios


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